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DataDot™ Information

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What Are DataDots™?

DataDots™ are a state-of-the-art identification and anti-theft security system applicable to most assets. The product consists of polyester substrate micro-dots, each the size of a grain of sand, onto which unique information is laser etched. These unique dots come pre-mixed in a UV based adhesive for ready application onto assets such as cars, motorcycles, snowmobiles, laptops and other electrical equipment, business assets, cell phones, tools, Powersports equipment, and other high value items.

Each kit manufactured by DataDot Technology USA contains its own unique code for and a computer generated PIN for personal and business assets, or the dot information may be fully customized. Each PIN is unique and cannot be manufactured again.

In essence, DataDots™ offer unique DNA for any asset.

7 Unique Elements of DataDot™ Technology

  • Identification. ½mm-sized DataDots™ mark your possessions with a laser-etched, unique identification - like applying DNA to an asset.
  • Registration. This laser-etched identification (or PIN), which can be read with a 30x magnifier and is unique to all dots in a kit, is registered on the DataDot™ Technology's secure database with the owner's contact information.
  • Theft Recovery. When marked property is stolen and recovered, law enforcement can access this secure database to return property, regardless of how far away it is recovered.
  • Theft Deterrent. DataDots™ reduce criminal activity by proving ownership, thus deterring theft. Thieves consider the risk and bypass assets marked with DataDot™ Technology to steal something unmarked.
  • Conclusive Evidence. From money to merchandise, and even lobsters, DataDots™ have been successfully used in sting operations by the law enforcement agencies to catch criminals with indisputable evidence.
  • Conviction. The presence of DataDots™ on stolen merchandise is a significant factor that can strengthen prosecution.

How is My Asset Registered?

Each DataDot™ kit may be registered on a secure national database for law enforcement access in the event the asset is lost or stolen. To register an asset simply click on this Product Registration link and follow the onscreen prompts.

Registration is a vital and important part of the DataDot™ anti-theft system.

Asset Recovery

Assets marked with DataDot™ Technology provide Law Enforcement with a quick and easy way to return Lost or Stolen Items. Police simply access the national law enforcement database to retrieve the rightful owner's contact information.

But How Do DataDots™ Help Prevent Theft?

DataDots™ have been tested by insurance and government agencies world-wide as to their theft deterrent capabilities. Theft deterrence is established by:

  • The dot size and quantity applied in hidden and obvious places
  • Use of warning stickers to highlight that an item is marked
  • National registration
  • Police awareness and ease of reading any dot

These factors combine to increase the chance of a thief being caught. By simply, yet dramatically, escalating the chance of being caught, theft deterrence is achieved. Police need to find only 1 dot to prove ownership and make an arrest.

DataDot Technology USA provides product to government agencies and police for use in sting operations around the country, and the product has been successfully used to make arrests and return stolen goods to their rightful owners. DataDot Technology USA also has an extensive law enforcement awareness and marketing program.

A three year independent study by the National Motor Vehicle Theft Prevention Council in Australia identified that BMW's, Subaru's and Holden vehicles fitted with DataDots™ resulted in over a 60% reduction in un-recovered auto theft.

About Datadot™ Technology

DataDot™ Technology is a multi-national asset identification company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (asx code: DDT). US operations are based in Redmond and Spokane, Washington, with distributor offices around the United States.

Globally the DataDot™ focus has traditionally been automotive and motorcycles for both OE and aftermarket. Some of their key customers in global markets include Lexus, BMW, VW, Subaru, Beacon Industries Worldwide, Premier Dealer Services and many more.

The DataDot product range consists of automotive and Powersports product sold traditionally through dealerships. In addition, retail products are available for the home and business.

DataDot™ Colleges & Universities

Colleges and Universities have discovered that offering DataDot™ Technology to their student body helps to increase Campus Safety & Security. In addition, the usage and promotion of DataDot™ Technology helps these institutions be seen in an active and positive light within their communities with respect to crime prevention.

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Making your valuables worthless to a thief...
DataDots™ are a state of the art identification and anti-theft security system applicable to most assets. The product consists of polyester substrate micro-dots, each the size of a grain of sand, onto which unique information is laser etched. These unique dots come pre-mixed in a UV based adhesive for ready application onto assets such as laptops, stereos, mp3 players, business assets, cell phones, tools, electronics, and other high value items. Police need only to locate a single DataDot™ to confirm the asset's true identity.  Click for more information.