Making your valuables worthless to a thief...


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DataDots™ Make A Difference in Business

Applying a unique identity to an individual item, then registering it in a national database accessed by police is actually the least expensive, most effective theft recovery and theft prevention system ever invented. That's how DataDots™ make the difference.

While it's easy to defeat numbering systems or brand labels found on many products, thieves find the task of removing DataDots nearly impossible and they'll bypass assets with DataDots to steal something unmarked and uncomplicated.

Secret codes and encryptions have been around for centuries but it was a US engineer that took the microdot concept and developed laser-etched DataDots in the 1990s to authenticate gaming chips, putting a halt to the thousands of fake chips being gambled through casinos. The inherent value of this technology was immediately recognized and soon it was being used in the automotive industry with great success in reducing automobile and auto parts theft.

How can DataDot Technology™ make the difference in your business?

DataDots™ protect personal and commercial property across a wide range of products and industries. To determine if DataDots™ can provide a solution for your company, begin by answering the following questions.

  1. Are you a business looking to mark valuable assets with police-verifiable identification?

  2. If you are in the rental business, has an asset ever been returned and original parts replaced with old ones?

  3. As a heavy equipment owner, are expensive parts harvested or entire pieces stolen from remote job sites?

  4. Are you a utility whose equipment poses a potential danger to human life if an inexperienced criminal attempts to penetrate a danger zone for the purpose of theft?

  5. Would thieves choose an easier target if your property was marked for police identification?

  6. Have arrests been made when property was stolen from you, but charges later dropped due to lack of evidence?

If you answered "YES" to even one of these questions, Associates Inventory Service can help. Our work with customers is Highly Confidential and our goal is Solutions.

Please call for additional information, specialized business kits and pricing.

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DataDot™ Technology

Making your valuables worthless to a thief...
DataDots™ are a state of the art identification and anti-theft security system applicable to most assets. The product consists of polyester substrate micro-dots, each the size of a grain of sand, onto which unique information is laser etched. These unique dots come pre-mixed in a UV based adhesive for ready application onto assets such as laptops, stereos, mp3 players, business assets, cell phones, tools, electronics, and other high value items. Police need only to locate a single DataDot™ to confirm the asset's true identity.  Click for more information.