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    AIS takes pride in our work and value of our service. The peace of mind of being prepared in the event of a loss cannot be calculated. Consider sharing that peace of mind with someone you care about and ask about our gift certificates.

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Note: As with most inventory services, we are not certified appraisers, but documentation specialists. We rely on the information reported to us by the client to properly document the value of all items. Please have your receipts and appraisals available at time of service.

Associates Inventory Service - Home and Business Asset Inventory Documentation Services

Will you Be Prepared?

Will you be ready to answer the questions that will be asked of you in the days following these tragic events? When you make an insurance claim for damaged, lost, or stolen property, your insurance company will require you to make a complete list of every item associated with the loss, including descriptions and quantites. You may also be asked to prove the value and ownership of certian items, and to provide receipts or other documentation to support your figures. If you omit some items, or fail to include an adequate description of others, you may receive less than full compensation for your losses. Will you be able to provide all of that information based solely on your memory at such a stressful and traumatic time in your life?

Don't worry, that's what Associates Inventory Service (AIS) is here for.  We want to help you preserve your way of life should a devastating event occur by arming you with the most thorough and accurate home inventory possible.  AIS is the leading provider of asset documentation services in Montana and Wyoming, and is the best choice when making the decisions that are necessary to protect your assets and your financial future.

Here's what you can expect from Associates Inventory Service:

  • Complete, thorough documentation of your personal property performed by an independent third-party professional.  This will lend credibility to your inventory for insurance companies and law enforcement, should the unthinkable occur.
  • Honesty, Integrity, & Trust.  As our client, you can be assured that your personal information is kept confidential. It will NEVER be sold, traded, or shared with any other individual or company without your permission.
  • Protection & Peace of Mind.  Should your possessions be damaged, destroyed, or stolen you will have the proper documentation to maximize your claim, as well as make the claims process smoother.  It will also help you and your insurance agent evaluate your current insurance policy to ensure you have the proper coverage.  Do you really know how much the contents in your home or business are worth?
  • Theft Recovery.  Assets marked with DataDots™ provide Law Enforcement with a quick and easy way to return Lost or Stolen Items.  Police simply access the national law enforcement database to retrieve the rightful owner's contact information.  AIS is an Authorized DataDot™ Dealer.  We also offer an optional application service as part of our Asset Inventory procedure.


Beyond saving; a total loss


The National Fire Protection reports that structure fires occur once every 82 seconds ( 1 minute 22 seconds). 74% of them occuring in residential properties.

In 2008, U.S. fire departments responded to an estimated 1,451,500 fires. These fires resulted in 3,320 civilian fire fatalities, 16,705 civilian fire injuries and an estimated $15,478,000,000 in direct property loss.


Tornado Funnel


Anything in the path of a tornado will be destroyed and most likely the structure and contents may not be found.

It doesn't take a tornado to inflict massive storm damage.  High winds, hail, rain and lightning do millions of dollars in damage to homes each year.


The force of electrical energy


A bolt of lightning can destroy the electrical system in a structure. It can burn and melt the electrical wiring and start a fire within the structure. It can cause trees to split and fall on structures sometimes creating massive distruction to the facility and its contents.



Remember Katrina at New Orleans


Major thunderstorms can cause destruction of structures and contents from flooding. Most recent has been hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, but Montana / Wyoming has had their share from cloudbursts, too.



A thief in the night


The National Crime Industry reports that a theft occurs every 10 second in American homes. A typical burglar will spend less than 5 minutes in your home and will know exactly what to take before most home alarm companies can respond.



A Double Disaster

Double Disaster

A Home / Business Asset Inventory with AIS helps to prevent a "Double Disaster," - Loss of property and loss of your hard earned dollars from a decreased insurance settlement.


Disaster Preparedness Tips for Homeowners and Renters from the NAIC

  • Take an inventory of your valuables and belongings. This should include taking photographs or a video of each room. This documentation will provide your insurance company with proof of your belongings and help to process claims more quickly in the event of disaster.
  • To enable filing claims more quickly, keep sales receipts and/or canceled checks. Also note the model and serial numbers of the items in your home inventory.
  • As you acquire more valuables - jewelry, family heirlooms, antiques, art - consider purchasing an additional "floater" or "rider" to your policy to cover these special items. These types of items typically are not covered by a basic homeowners or renter's insurance policy.
  • Remember to include those items you rarely use (e.g., holiday decorations, sports equipment, tools, etc.) in your home inventory.
  • Store copies of all your insurance policies in a safe location away from your home that is easily accessible in case of disaster. You may want to store your policies and inventory in a waterproof, fireproof box or in a safe, remote location such as a bank safe deposit box. Consider leaving a copy of your inventory with relatives, friends or your insurance provider and store digital pictures in your e-mail or on a Web site for easy retrieval.
  • Know what is and is not covered by your insurance policy. You might need additional protection depending on where you live. Make sure your policies are up to date. Contact your insurance provider annually to review and update your insurance policy.
  • Keep a readily available list of 24-hour contact information for each of your insurance providers.
  • Find out if your possessions are insured for the actual cash value or the replacement cost. Actual cash value is the amount it would take to repair or replace damage to your home or possessions after depreciation while replacement cost is the amount it would take to repair or replace your home or possessions without deducting for depreciation. Speak with your insurance provider to determine whether purchasing replacement coverage is worth the cost.
  • Speak with your insurance provider to find out if your policy covers additional living expenses for a temporary residence if you are unable to live in your home due to damage from a disaster.
  • Appraise your home periodically to make sure your insurance policy reflects home improvements or renovations. Contact your insurance provider to update your policy accordingly.

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DataDot™ Technology

Making your valuables worthless to a thief...
DataDots™ are a state of the art identification and anti-theft security system applicable to most assets. The product consists of polyester substrate micro-dots, each the size of a grain of sand, onto which unique information is laser etched. These unique dots come pre-mixed in a UV based adhesive for ready application onto assets such as laptops, stereos, mp3 players, business assets, cell phones, tools, electronics, and other high value items. Police need only to locate a single DataDot™ to confirm the asset's true identity.  Click for more information.