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Note: As with most inventory services, we are not certified appraisers, but documentation specialists. We rely on the information reported to us by the client to properly document the value of all items. Please have your receipts and appraisals available at time of service.

Associates Inventory Service - Home and Business Asset Inventory Documentation Services

Welcome to AIS Asset Inventory Documentation Services! We exist to provide home owners with a safe, secure and professional way to protect the replacement value of their assets in case of loss due to fire, theft or natural disaster. Our goal is to provide you with unsurpassed service and value.

What is a home or business inventory?

A home or small business inventory is detailed documentation of the personal property or assets located in your apartment, house, or business.  Property that you have stored elsewhere, perhaps in a garage or storage shed, should also be included in your inventory.

Your inventory provided by will include items, such as, furniture, jewelry, antiques, artwork, appliances, kitchen contents, clothing, flooring, window treatments, computer equipment, televisions, other electronics, musical instruments, clocks, mirrors, linens, lawn mowers and other yard equipment, snow equipment, tools, sports equipment, collectibles and any other items of value.  A business inventory will include items, such as, business equipment, office equipment, furniture, company vehicles, tools, samples, etc.

Home Asset Inventory

Do you have an updated home inventory in a secure location away from your home?
Could you remember everything you own in the event of a burglary, fire, or other disaster?
Insurance companies and estate planners strongly recommend a thorough documentation of the personal property in your home. National Insurance Industry statistics show that fewer than 20% of homeowners have an updated home inventory, but those homeowners typically collect more when submitting an insurance claim.
Associates Inventory Service (AIS) specializes in documenting and recording personal property for homeowners. We can provide you with a complete written, video, and digital photographic record on CD/DVD of your home and its contents. This professional, reliable, third party, home inventory is designed to maximize insurance claims, while helping to make the process smoother.
Having an updated inventory of your home and personal property satisfies the burden of proof that insurance companies require prior to settling a claim. If you ever need to file a claim, you may collect thousands of dollars more by having a complete home inventory. Additionally, it will assist police by identifying your property after a theft.


Over 6 million burglaries occur each year in American homes - basically one every 10 seconds. One residential structure fire occurs every 82 seconds. The average property loss continues to climb each year - not due to more incidents, but because of the increased value of the personal property in our homes.
If you were a victim of a burglary, theft, fire, or other catastrophe, trying to recall or prove what you had in your home could be very difficult and costly.
Ask yourself:
  • Could you remember everything you own?
  • Could you provide proof of ownership to your insurance company or the police department?
  • Did all of your receipts, pictures, and information about your valuables get destroyed?
Insurance companies generally try to be helpful and cooperative in paying a claim, but they don't come to you with a blank check. It's your responsibility to prove your loss, and having a written record of these items will help to process your claim faster. Also, insurance companies will replace property with the "same kind and quality" concept of what you lost. If your property is valued above the "standard" rule, it's your responsibility to prove otherwise.
Even the Insurance Information Institute admits, "The more documentation you have regarding your possessions, the better your insurance company will be able to handle your claim .... Your claim will be processed more rapidly than otherwise and you are more likely to collect in full."
Insurance companies will want you to prepare an inventory of your property and provide records and documents of what was lost, including bills and receipts that justify the figures of your claim. You shouldn't wait for a disaster to occur before preparing your home inventory. Be proactive and be prepared.
Associates Inventory Service can handle everything for you. We think you'll find it surprisingly easy and affordable. Click on the Services link to learn more about how we can provide you with a complete inventory of your home (documented in writing, by video, and by digital photography).
Read below, for Benefits information.
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How you can Benefit from our Asset Documentation Services:

1.  Insurance Purposes

Prior to a loss, the information from your inventory provided by AIS, will enable you to go over your insurance policy in detail with your agent to make sure you are adequately covered.  You may have items in your home, business, or vehicles that are not even covered by your insurance policy!

After a disaster, it will be difficult for you to recall all of the items you have accumulated through the years.  With an inventory provided by AIS, you will be able to identify what was lost and prove what you owned, which will increase the compensation you receive for your lost or damaged items.  If you don't have proof of your high-quality possessions, then you may only get reimbursed for standard items.

  • ...Why settle for this
  • When you really had this...

By hiring AIS to document your assets prior to a loss, the details of your possessions will be thoroughly documented in the preferred format of most insurance companies,which will ensure a faster and smoother claims process.  You will also be able to negotiate your settlement with your adjuster because you will have the totals of the values from your inventory.  You will have a complete list of most of the items that were in your home- faster replacement means faster reimbursement!  Also, your objective third-party inventory by AIS will be more credible, reducing issues that can arise during the claims process.  In the event of a theft, your inventory will also increase your chance of recovery of your possessions and aid in the arrest of the thief.

Having a thorough home inventory completed prior to a loss will help you regain hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars you may otherwise lose without one.  The amount of compensation you receive from an insurance claim can determine the manner in which you live in the futureAIS will help you protect your assets and preserve your way of life with a detailed inventory of your belongings.

2.  Estate & Financial Planning

To supplement a will, or other legal documentation, AIS will provide you with an objective, third-party documentation of your assets, and the beneficiaries of your assets, so there are no questions later as to whom an item has been willed.  This will also help the probate process move faster and smoother when it occurs.  For couples planning their financial future, use your inventory by AIS as a list of your assets for a loan application and/or to determine your net worth.

Click here for details on our Estate Planning Inventories.

3.  Taxes and Valuation

Your detailed inventory can help verify losses for income tax deductions.

4.  Landlord and Tenant Protection

AIS can document and photograph the condition of a rental property prior to moving in, and after moving out, to prevent disputes between landlords and tenants.  A detailed inventory of a furnished rental property can protect both parties from any disagreements, as well.  A Rental Unit Condition & Inventory Form will be signed by the tenant, landlord or property manager, and AIS.

Click here for more details on our Landlord/Tenant Protection Plan.

5.  Moving

During a move, an inventory provided by AIS will help you keep track of lost or damaged items. It will also verify the condition your assets were in prior to the move.

6.  Legal Matters

AIS can provide with you with an inventory of your assets to assist you in many legal matters, such as, divorces, prenuptial agreements, company dissolutions, bankruptcies, etc.

7.  New Home Owners

Settling into a new home is an enjoyable experience, a time where we often replace old or unwanted items with new ones. This is the ideal time to call Associates Inventory Service. With an inventory you will be able to correctly workout your insurance premium, have an accurate record to cover yourself against loss and recognize your net worth, thus allow the planning of your estate.

8.  First-time Homeowners

Oh, the excitement of being a first-time homeowner! Even if the house isn't new, it's still new to you....and it's yours! Do yourself one of the biggest favors you'll do as a new homeowner, and get the inventory of your contents done....first thing!

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DataDot™ Technology

Making your valuables worthless to a thief...
DataDots™ are a state of the art identification and anti-theft security system applicable to most assets. The product consists of polyester substrate micro-dots, each the size of a grain of sand, onto which unique information is laser etched. These unique dots come pre-mixed in a UV based adhesive for ready application onto assets such as laptops, stereos, mp3 players, business assets, cell phones, tools, electronics, and other high value items. Police need only to locate a single DataDot™ to confirm the asset's true identity.  Click for more information.