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Note: As with most inventory services, we are not certified appraisers, but documentation specialists. We rely on the information reported to us by the client to properly document the value of all items. Please have your receipts and appraisals available at time of service.

Associates Inventory Service - Home and Business Asset Inventory Documentation Services

Welcome to AIS Asset Inventory Documentation Services! We exist to provide small business owners with a safe, secure and professional way to protect the replacement value of their assets in case of loss due to fire, theft or natural disaster. Our goal is to provide you with unsurpassed service and value.

Business Asset Inventory - Introduction / Questions

The U.S. has 23 million small businesses. We're focused on helping them one at a time.

Who Needs a Business Inventory
Almost every business needs a professional business asset inventory, including:
  • Florist
  • Travel agency
  • Accounting firm
  • Gym
  • Medical or Dental clinic
  • Mechanic
  • Bank
  • Real estate agency
  • Churches
  • Pawn Shop
  • Hotel / Motel
  • Construction
  • Movers / Relocators
  • Museums
  • Landlords
  • EVERY Business
How an Inventory Helps
As small-business owners ourselves, we understand the investment you've made. An inventory helps protect that investment in case of theft or disaster, and will allow you to settle claims quickly and fairly.
Many business owners aren’t aware of all their assets. We document everything, including computers, scanners, printers, phones, furniture, and stereos. This inventory will help you determine if you have enough insurance to fully cover your business.
Does your business assign tools or equipment to your employees? If so, an inventory will help you know what equipment has been assigned to your employees—and will keep your employees accountable.
A complete inventory helps you complete your taxes with confidence. You'll know that all items have been accounted for—and you won't miss any depreciable assets. With an inventory, you can also give a copy to your accountant and save yourself the hassle of creating your own list.
Ask Yourself the Following Questions:
Do you have an updated business inventory to prove to the insurance company what you owned in case you had a loss due to fire theft or storm damage?
Are you ready to answer the unpleasant questions that the police or insurance agent is sure to ask you?
Imagine the trauma and stress of a major or even a minor loss due to fire and theft and the unpleasantness of the whole event, Without a video, digital photo & written inventory, important details are sure to escape you.
How many new electronic devices, computers, equipment, etc. have you purchased for the business in the last 3 years?
What if your receipts burned up in a fire? Could you prove what you really owned?
Could you describe in detail all your business necessities in in the event of a loss, due to fire, theft, or storm damage?
Have you ever said, "I know I need an detailed, documented record of my business inventory and I am going to do it myself, but I just don't have the time right now and where do I start?"
If your business was damaged by fire or a burglar made off with your valuables and because you were traumatized, could you think straight?
Could you even recall the make and size of your business equipment, inventory, supplies, etc., as well as model # and brand name?
How will you describe the valuable business possessions that were stolen or burned up in a fire that you were meaning to get appraised?
Will your income be affected by a slow claim to where your business is in a stand still until the Insurance company proves your loss?
Will you lose customers because of the loss of inventory or equipment?
Will you lose employees, colleagues, and key people because the crippling affect a disastrous loss could have on the business?
Will you lose suppliers because of your inability to order or even pay due to waiting on the Insurance company because you had no proof of loss?
Will your business survive if your claim process moves rather slowly or you do not receive a claim that represents actual replacement of all necessary business equipment, supplies, and inventory?
How will all these things also affect your personal life and your family?
While the main goal of the Business Asset Inventory is to document ownership, value and actual condition of your property and possessions, an AIS Inventory is a wonderful way to find and remember forgotten items stored "out of sight!" If you don't remember you had it, you can't claim it!
It happens every day:
Thousands of times daily, someone somewhere incurs a loss from:
  • Flood
  • Theft
  • Storm Tornado & Hurricane
  • Lightning
  • The list goes on and on
We know what you're thinking, "I'm covered for all of this and more."
However, are you ready to answer the unpleasant questions that the police and your insurance agent are going to ask you? Alternatively, will you be prepared with a video, digital photo and written inventory to prove what you owned and speed up the claims process?
You need this service for:
  • Disaster Loss
  • Insurance Protection
  • Police Reports
  • IRS Documentation
  • Business Preservation
  • Income Protection
  • Asset Documentation & Verification
Associates Inventory Service(AIS), is here to rid you of a tedious, yet necessary task.  By utilizing state of the art equipment and software, we provide you with a detailed and handsome portfolio that includes both a hard copy and electronic copy of your assets.
You may worry about the cost of a service like this.  Well, do you worry about the cost of not having a service like this?
It does not cost as much as you may think.  Besides, can you really put a price on your valuables, protection, security, and peace of mind?

Protecting your business property and financial future begins with you.  Call today for a free estimate.  406-245-3676.

Not convinced?

Below are some FAQ's about the benefits that Associates Inventory Service provide?
Why should I do a business inventory?
Regardless of how much insurance you may have you still need to have an accurate list of your possessions.  Replacing possessions that are destroyed or lost due to fire, hurricane and other natural disasters, theft or vandalism is a difficult and time consuming process.  Insurance companies and financial advisors require that you provide them with a complete list of items that were lost or damaged.  Our portfolio has printed listing of items with descriptive information and serial numbers, cross-referenced digital photographs, and complete digital video footage that provides a complete record so that you will be able to submit claims for full reimbursement.
Can I do my own inventory?
Maybe.  Some business owners do their own inventories.  Most however have this on a "to do" list that may get started, but usually is not fully completed.  AIS encourages business owners to have an inventory and will provide information that can assist plus many insurance companies provide forms and information as well.
Will my information be safe and secure?
Absolutely!  Our inventory or appraisal information is given only to the business owner.  As an option, AIS recommends that a confidential, security copy of your inventory be kept on our safe deposit box.  This back-up information will never be reviewed or released to anyone without your written permission.
How long will it take to complete the inventory?
For a standard business, it will take approximately three to eight hours for the onsite portion of inventory depending on the amount of property to be documented and availability of information.  The business owner, or his representative, must be available during our onsite documemtation time.
Will we be able to update the inventory?
Yes. You can do this in several ways.  The format of the materials are designed to be easy to update.  You can write in additional information on existing items or add new entries in the Addendum section in your portfolio at any time.  During the first year you can send us information on additions or changes and we will update your complete record at no charge.  We also offer an annual update program for a nominal charge.
How can we be certain that Associates Inventory Service is safe to use?
We realize that it is only natural that business owners want to be certain that they are dealing with a professional, reputable company.  We are Licensed, Bonded, Fully Insured and active members in the Better Business Bureau.
Should we gather receipts and warranty information?
Yes.  It will help if you can have as many of your receipts available for items such as electronics, equipment, and furniture.  This will help to create a more accurate inventory and make it easier to recover the full value of items should they be stolen or destroyed.

Preparation and protection for your business, assets, and financial future - starts with you.  Give us a call today for a free estimate.  406-245-3676.

Once your inventory is complete, it is important to keep it up-to-date.  For one year after your initial inventory, there are no additional charges to add or update and store your data.  After that, there will be a yearly fee to update and store your inventory documents.

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DataDot™ Technology

Making your valuables worthless to a thief...
DataDots™ are a state of the art identification and anti-theft security system applicable to most assets. The product consists of polyester substrate micro-dots, each the size of a grain of sand, onto which unique information is laser etched. These unique dots come pre-mixed in a UV based adhesive for ready application onto assets such as laptops, stereos, mp3 players, business assets, cell phones, tools, electronics, and other high value items. Police need only to locate a single DataDot™ to confirm the asset's true identity.  Click for more information.